Kevin Hart and The Rock have a healthy friendship in Hollywood. They often have comedic back and forth on social media, and this instance is no different. Kevin Hart seems to hate close-talkers, though The Rock seems to be of the opinion that Kevin Hart himself is one of them.

Hart took to Twitter in order to express how he feels about close-talkers. He apparently ran into someone who gets really up close while having a conversation. Hart said that close-talkers are “the worst people on this earth.”

I met another close talker today… .I swear close talkers are the worst people on this earth. Back the fuck up….I can hear you….Jesus Christ….Why must you get so close. I have to politely say “Sir that’s too close”….SMDH It’s to Damn much!!!!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson fired back in another tweet, expressing that Hart himself is a close talker. He further added that even when they’re FaceTiming, Hart feels like he’s too close.

I feel this way anytime you say anything to me. Even on FaceTime, you’re too close. 😂

The Rock and Kevin Hart have a history of roasting each other before as well. Hart recently said that The Rock’s worst film ever is his 2010 flick “Tooth Fairy.” He also got made fun of by The Rock when he was part of a Black Adam Q&A during the San Diego Comic-Con.

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