WWE has presented a PG-rated product since 2008, as they stopped catering to the TV-14 demographic. Triple H recently revealed that WWE won’t be moving to TV-14 for TV shows. It seems Stephanie McMahon pulled some chords while making the decision.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed WWE’s decision of not moving to TV-14 content any time soon on Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer revealed that it’s the new regime and that could be Stephanie instead of Vince. Stephanie McMahon might have felt that since things are going up, they don’t need to change anything.

WWE is doing better than AEW at the moment and things are not looking down for them. They are not seeing any decline that needs to be reversed with new ideas. WWE did an amazing job reversing course based on analyzing what has happened in the last four months.

That’s not gonna happen now yet. That was one of the new things. Andrew knows the whole story but there were memos and everything. I mean it was planned. And I think it’s the new regime and that could be Stephanie instead of Vince. You know Vince maybe was considering it. Stephanie’s thing is you know we don’t need it. And they don’t. Before when things were down, things were declining, you kind of go what can we do to reverse the decline. When things are going up and haven’t done it, you don’t have to go like, ‘Hey, you know, we got to come up with some ideas to make things go up. And they’re doing swearing so maybe we got to do that one now. AEW is not going up and we are going up.’ So why do we need to fight them on their own. To do what they did, that stopped working. The trajectory of everything, it’s kind of like… Yeah, that’s probably a decision we shouldn’t make right now. So they didn’t. I actually congratulate them for reversing course based on analyzing what’s happened in the last four months.

WWE fans got very excited when news broke in July that Monday Night Raw would soon be switching to a TV-14 rating. The show has been rated TV-PG since 2008. Unfortunately, the news was a little premature. It remains to be seen how the overall product will change in the coming months.

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