Fat Joe is a well-known New York City rapper, so his words have weight to them, no pun intended. Given his popularity, Joe has often used his platform to support other artists and educate his followers. His most recent attempt to inspire the community, however, did not elicit the desired response.

The rapper shared a video in which he paid tribute to Latino hip-hop pioneers. The 45-second video showcased a long list of musicians, DJs, and music groups that contributed to the genre and were of a certain ethnicity. After sharing it, he captioned it, “Thank you Thank you Thank you for your contribution to HIP HOP.”

Thousands of individuals appreciated the post, while others were not amused. Joe went live on Instagram the next day to promote DJ Khaled’s 13th album, God Did. However, he changed the subject when he observed some haters in the comment section. He called them out around the 52-minute mark.

Lately, they’ve been talking about, ‘Latinos wasn’t in rap.’ These guys are f*cking delusional.

Joe described how growing up in the Bronx, New York, gave him the opportunity to observe all aspects of music. “When hip-hop started, it’s Latinos and blacks– half and half,” Joe added. The father of three then spoke on the remarks he’d gotten from naysayers. “‘F*ck that… Latinos wasn’t there, you were invited… You’re a specimen,” he restated.

Twitter users chose to respond to his assertions by sharing proof of hip-hop’s creation and ridiculing Joe. 

DJ Khaled is arguably the biggest culture vulture in hip hop & we have Fat Joe (another culture vulture) to “thank” for that.

I’m not here to sh*t on Fat Joe or tear down his legacy. But his rhetoric needs to be addressed and checked. If he avoids this conversation he will be destroying his own legacy. I’m also more surprised at the guys around him that aren’t saying anything. Silence means complicit.


FAT JOE….No way Jose!

Here’s our proof of where hip hop oriented with us black Americans. We are still waiting for the Jamaicans and Puerto Ricans to show us their receipts. Can you show us a photo or something? Busta, Fat Joe where ya at?

Fat Joe is a classical NYC hispanic white supremacist.

People like Fat Joe were playing this type of music while black people was fighting for hip hop to be born. After it’s birth they jumped onboard … Latino’s ain’t hip hop! #DoTheRightThing

It appears that Fat Joe has a routine of making controversial remarks and drawing criticism. Check out the tweets below. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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