Conor McGregor is one of the most well-known UFC fighters in the world, despite the fact that he hasn’t won a fight in a long time. The Dubliner is making headlines despite his inaction for a number of reasons. This time, “The Notorious” is making headlines for an incredibly unexpected reason.

The self-proclaimed “face of the game” is quite a divisive figure due to his antics outside the ring. The Notorious just posted a strange video to his official Instagram story. Although that particular story was ultimately removed, many people saved it, and it later became very popular on social media.

On the deck of his over $3.6 million Lamborghini yacht, the former UFC champion is seen having a great time with his wife in the video. As the video indicated, the pair looked to be in a private position. It is now unknown if Dee Devlin was in the video because only her hair is shown.

The UFC fighter appeared to be running his hands through a female’s hair. Bent Faiyaz’s song Rehab was playing in the background. The Notorious also shared a photo of himself on the deck of his yacht along with a really peculiar message. He captioned the photo, “If you’re gettin’ it Get it Top floor of the triple deck.” The fans’ interest was piqued once again by this post.

Due to the viral nature of the video, “The Notorious” is currently under criticism from fans. Many people commented on the video, and others criticized the former UFC champion for posting it. Check out the tweets and the reactions below.

What’s your take on this intimate video drop from McGregor? Let us know if you’re interested to see them fight it out!

Gunjan Nath

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