Keanu Reeves started his acting career in theatre and television films before making his feature film debut in Youngblood. Decades later, Reeves made another comeback in 2014 as the titular assassin in the John Wick film series and this was after his career blew up once again as Neo in 1999’s The Matrix. Keanu Reeves is the fantasy wedding guest even if he isn’t actually invited.

The Matrix star ended up attending a wedding while taking a break from filming a docuseries on F1 for Disney+ in Northamptonshire, England. The bride recently disclosed the information to Newsweek. Apparently, the groom randomly invited Reeves to his weeding in the bar area of the reception.

My husband saw him in the bar area and told him he’d just got married and invited Keanu to come over to say hello and have a drink with us if he wanted to. He was very friendly and said he would later on. We didn’t know if he would or not, but it was cool that my husband had spoken to him!

It was all very exciting and I went to say hi and introduce myself, and I offered him a drink but he declined that and said he’d just had a long flight so wouldn’t stay long but he was so kind and friendly and congratulated us on our wedding. He was kind enough to do some pictures and our wedding photographer was able to capture some too! Then he took the time to speak to some of our guests and have more photos done!

The phrase “we saw you from across the bar” actually worked this time since a wedding venue worker approached Nikki an hour later and informed her that a “very special visitor” was waiting for her outside. Keanu was there, being the wonderful, lovely man he is.

Nikki’s mother told everyone to yell “Speed” instead of “cheese” as photographs were taken, which is an endearingly corny mom-on-a-wedding-day thing to do. Everyone exhibits their goodness when Keanu Reeves is around. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more such news and updates.

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