Ezra Miller has amassed a growing list of scandals in recent years. The Flash, a $250 million superhero movie from Warner Bros., stars the troubled actor. The actor has also conducted private crisis meetings with studio executives who were considering cancelling the $250 million film.

Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy became new Warner Bros. film chairs who took over running the film division at the beginning of July. According to Daily Mail, Miller and his agent Scott Metzger of CAA, were both spotted on the studio lot at Burbank near Los Angeles in preparation for high-level meetings with them.

The discussion’s focus seemed to have been on how to best keep Miller “on track” before the June 23rd, 2023, premiere of The Flash. Despite allegations that Miller groomed a Native American girl starting when she was 12 years old, a charge that would cause other stars to be swiftly dropped from projects, Warner Bros. is apparently eager to support Miller.

Miller has been the focus of several incidents over the past two years, which prompted executives to think about scrapping the movie entirely, similar to another aborted superhero film, Batgirl. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the possibility of the $2 billion movie being scrapped caused him to swear to change his ways. Miller has a history of arrests and has recently become embroiled in scandal.

Miller was charged with felony burglary earlier this month in Vermont, and earlier this year, following two arrests in Hawaii, he was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar. Second-degree assault was the cause of the second occurrence. Let’s see if Miller is able to keep a clean slate in the future.

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