‘Two And A Half Men’ star Charlie Sheen remains one of the most controversial stars in the history of Hollywood thanks to his insane use of drugs, alcohol and women. Recently, the 56-year-old settled a 2017 lawsuit with his ex-girlfriend who claimed he exposed her to HIV.

According to TMZ, the actor has agreed to pay the unnamed woman $120,000 in monthly installments over the course of a year. The plaintiff, known only as Jane Doe within the legal documents, claimed through the initial filing in June 2017 that she had met Sheen in September 2015 and they began having sexual relations not long after.

Sheen allegedly started off using a condom but as of October 26, 2015, he switched to unprotected sex with the woman, who is referred to in the legal documents as a “Russian émigré.” She had questioned him whether he had any STDs before the skin-to-skin contact and Sheen said he’s “fine.”

After their interaction, he allegedly told her that he was HIV positive, which he had known since 2011, and provided her medication to prevent the infection from infecting her. She then allegedly proceeded to seek out further preventative care at an emergency clinic before confronting him about his actions a few days later.

Sheen allegedly called himself “noble” for telling her about his HIV status in the first place during the dispute, adding that he hadn’t informed her before their unprotected intercourse since it was “none of her f*cking business.” He continued on to rant about how the anti-viral meds weren’t necessary and were part of “’the convenient rumors of the medical community.’”

The whole alleged incident supposedly took place mere weeks before the “Two and a Half Men” star came out to the public about his having contracted the disease, as he disclosed his HIV status to Matt Lauer on the “Today” show in November 2015. This lawsuit against Sheen was not the first to accuse him of intentionally exposing a former sexual partner to HIV, amid other deplorable actions in the context of his love relationships.

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Shubham Banerjee

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