Just Sam established a strong support base after winning the 2020 American Idol trophy. Sam was doing well until her health suddenly failed her. Just Sam was recently rushed to the hospital and was admitted with an unknown sickness, and her fans are obviously concerned.

Just Sam, the singer who rose to prominence after winning “American Idol” in 2020, was hospitalized with a mysterious ailment. Samantha Diaz, an NYC-based musician, raced to her Instagram Story to update followers on her health problems.

The 23-year-old, who won season 3 of the hit singing competition, revealed she was hospitalized on Wednesday in a cryptic statement but did not explain what had left her under the watchful eye of physicians.

“100 lbs is crazy. I seriously need help.”

“I’m grateful for the prayers everyone. I’m doing much better now,”

Just Sam later updated her worried fans, saying she was doing better. She informed her 148,00o Instagram followers that things appeared to be settling down. She even announced her safe discharge from the hospital.

“Thank you to everyone that checked on me. I am ALIVE and out of the hospital.”

Unfortunately, this did not last long. Her health appeared to deteriorate, as she was admitted to the hospital the next day. She then expressed dissatisfaction with her current hospitalized state, and that’s understandable. She is looking for a new facility to take care of her.

“I need a better hospital bruh. I hate it here. tbh.”

Sam is going through a lot right now. Everyone here at Thirsty is pulling for her quick recovery. Hopefully, the American Idol winner will return to her work shortly. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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Muskan Sharma

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