Wendy Williams is still one of the most well-known talk show hosts in entertainment history. Fans keep a close check on the personality, and she has taken center stage in the headlines once again. Wendy Williams was recently “left to die” by her ex-financial adviser, according to a former attorney.

Williams’ former attorney alleged her former financial manager “left her to die.” Page Six reports that LaShawn Thomas exclusively revealed that Wells Fargo financial adviser Lori Schiller, who no longer works for Williams but is involved in her lawsuit against the bank, is attempting to “muddy the waters” by allegedly contributing to a false report that Williams’ son misused her American Express card.

“The real issue is that Wells Fargo, through their adviser, refused to grant Wendy access to her own accounts, this includes the right to check her balance.”

“No bank should have the authority to do that. No one attempted to gain access to any of Wendy’s accounts. The Wells Fargo adviser and [former manager Bernie Young] were the only people with access. … They left Wendy to die.”

Williams was compelled to use her AmEx for “all of her living expenses,” including flights to and from New York for doctor’s visits, groceries, and so on, because she had no access to any of her assets, according to Thomas. According to the lawyer, since the shock jock’s health has deteriorated, her 22-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., stepped in to support her “both mentally and physically with the assistance of a team of doctors.”

“He coordinated all of her appointments, made sure she attended all appointments, cooked and cleaned for his mother. He absolutely loves his mother without question, and no one should place any blame or allegations of wrongdoing at his feet.”

Kevin Jr.’s argument comes after a report said he charged $100,000 to his mother’s credit card without authorization and “demanded” that Schiller pay it. The report’s veracity is unknown because it was attributed to an unnamed source, however, a University of Miami student rejected the charges in a statement.

“I vehemently deny any allegations of unauthorized use of my mother’s American Express card. This is a false narrative perpetuated to justify freezing her accounts.”

Thomas, on the other hand, said that Schiller and Williams’ former manager, Bernie Young, were the only people with access to her accounts. It is uncovered that Williams’ intention to buy Kevin Jr. a condo in Miami sparked the guardianship she is now living under, as determined by a New York court.

According to a source, Williams recruited Schiller to handle the real estate transaction because the consultant allegedly promised the “Wendy’s Got the Heat” author that she could assist her to avoid commission fees. However, a month before Kevin Jr.’s lease expired, he received a call from his landlord informing him that he had not received an offer to purchase and that the price had risen by another $250,000.

“Lori’s responsibility was to pay all of Wendy’s and Kevin Jr’s bills. Kevin has always reached out to Lori for the payment of bills. If anyone (Wendy or Kevin) needed money, they had to contact Lori so that she could initiate payment.”

In her statement, Thomas verified these statements and said that Schiller abruptly notified Kevin Jr. that she “could no longer speak with him without Wendy’s written authorization” because a verbal one was “no longer sufficient.”

Williams requested that he be taken to a local Wells Fargo branch to submit the written authorization and power of attorney; however, Thomas claimed that the local bank manager “refused to accept” the power of attorney. Williams and the bank manager in charge, Schiller, would only talk to Williams if no one else was present, including Thomas, her legal attorney at the time.

“The right to counsel is a constitutional right that a financial institution does not have the freedom to curtail.”

“Instead, [Schiller] locked Wendy out of all of her accounts. [Schiller] restricted all access to every single account. Wendy was even restricted from going to the bank and personally withdrawing funds.”

“… Wendy, a woman who has worked hard for her wealth, was left penniless.”

Williams’ representative stated that the former radio personality had no comment. Wendy has been under a court-ordered guardianship since the spring, with which he was “not in agreement” since she “feels capable” of handling her money. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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