Shia LaBeouf rose to international prominence after appearing in Transformers in 2007, and this came after a stint as a child Disney actor on Even Stevens. He was recently claimed to be fired from Olivia Wilde’s film. In response to claims that he was let go from the 2020 film “Don’t Worry Darling” by director Wilde, Shia LaBeouf has stepped up to refute those claims.

LaBeouf claimed that he left the film because he felt the performers weren’t given enough time to practice. For the first time, Wilde discussed LaBeouf’s departure from her project in the cover interview with Variety published on August 24th. When approached by Variety prior to the story’s publication, LaBeouf’s agents denied the magazine’s request for comment on the situation.

LaBeouf, however, claimed in emails to Variety on August 25th that he left the project due to lack of rehearsal time, refuting reports that he was dismissed. After the report was released on August 24 and 25, the actor allegedly forwarded two emails to Wilde.

You and I both know the reasons for my leave. I left your movie because I couldn’t find time to practice with your actors.

The texts were exchanged before the production was made aware of the details of Shia’s immersive approach. At the time of LaBeouf’s departure, a number of studio sources confirmed that he had been let go from the undertaking.

According to another source with knowledge of the incident, the split was more of a mutual admission that LaBeouf’s acting technique didn’t mesh well with Wilde’s directing philosophy. Warner Bros. and Wilde representatives declined to comment. We’ll have to keep our eyes on this story for more details here at Thirsty.

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