Nicki Minaj worked hard to make herself one of the top female rappers in the hip-hop world and has gained a huge fan base all over the world. However, some of Nicki Minaj’s supporters have been recently criticizing Missy Elliott over a question she asked on Twitter.

Missy asked her Twitter fans on Wednesday what they thought to be the difference between a “hit” and a “classic.” This did not land the way she expected.

“I have a question…Is there a difference between A Hit & A Classic record or no?” she asked. “And if so what is this difference?”

The Young Money rapper’s fans interpreted Missy’s tweet as a diss after Minaj set a new record with her new Billboard No. 1 single, “Super Freaky Girl.” The Supa Dupa Fly rapper, however, didn’t specifically mention Nicki or even make any reference to her accomplishment.

“Missy Elliott always have something to say surrounding Nicki Minaj indirectly,” one user wrote. “I see her dirty spirit. It’s been like that for years. Give it up mama.” Others went at Missy directly by hurling some hurtful words.

“Missy so miserable and messy bitch don’t let me get started these old bitches really mad and miserable go pay ya rent and stay in ya bum ass place these old and new school bitches make me sick!!! Nicki can’t win from either generation of female rappers.”

One user criticized Missy’s chart history, pointing out that she had never achieved the Billboard chart’s top spot as a solo artist. Another advised her to approach Atlantic Records about buying her a hit “like they did for Cardi.”

However, many Missy Elliott followers rushed to the VA artist’s support and responded to the Barbz. “Missy elliott has never had a beef in her entire career but nicki minaj stand are desperate for a problem,” one Twitter user wrote. “I firmly believe that without Nicki Minaj, there would be no Cardi. But I also believe that without Missy Elliott there would be no Nicki,” wrote another.

Missy Elliott responded to the hateful remarks when her inquiry was misinterpreted and she clarified her initial tweet. “I love so many of yall answers,” she tweeted.

“This was a back & forth with my producer friends over music.Is there a difference between Classics & hits & he said it’s more preference. So y’all helped. A few chose 2 be hurtful but understand this came from a positive place.”

This tweet came a few weeks after Nicki Minaj thanked Missy and said that she was responsible for opening the door so which led to her receiving the nomination for the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the next MTV VMAs. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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