The Game is certainly one of the most established rappers in the world of hip-hop. However, the rapper recently started a new social media series called Anything For The Game, and he’s literally making people do crazy stuff that borders on straight-up degrading and unsafe.

The first episode of the Compton native’s show was released on his TikTok, and it is definitely not suitable for anyone with a weak stomach. In a large shopping mall, Game was stopped by a woman who recognized him, and he asked her whether she was a fan of Balenciaga.

The woman agreed, and The Game offered to purchase her anything in the store in exchange for her drinking or eating whatever she could find in the nearest garbage can. “If I offered to buy you some heels what would you do,” he said, to which she answered right away: “Anything.”

“You gotta dig in the trash can and first thing food-wise you gotta eat it.”

The woman was quite lucky to find a cup that was almost empty and had a red beverage still in it. Of course, she didn’t care about the ongoing pandemic and removed her mask to drank it easily. The Game, however, kept his word, and she received a free pair of Balenciaga kicks.

Anything For The Game appears to be a series that The Game will continue with other episodes planned, as a teaser of the second episode has already been released. We can only imagine what The Game will get someone to do next.

The “Hate It Or Love It” rapper just released his album Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind, which debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard 200 with 25,000 total album-equivalent units sold in the first week. So, he’s doing quite well and having fun at the same time. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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