Mike Tyson is regarded as one of the most renowned boxers in professional boxing history. Mike has also sold cannabis products under his Tyson Holistic label since 2016. Now, the former heavyweight champion, known for his knockout punches, is set to launch a new line inspired by Ric Flair.

Mike Tyson’s ‘The Tyson 2.0’ cannabis company is launching the Ric Flair Drip Cannabis line in partnership with multi-state cannabis company Verano Holdings Corporation. Verano is a vertically integrated operator of licensed cannabis cultivation, production, and retail dispensaries under its distinctive Zen Leaf and MÜV labels.

Verano also develops and manufactures a range of branded premium cannabis products under the brand names VeranoTM, AvexiaTM, EncoreTM, and MÜVTM. They currently operate 109 dispensaries in 13 states. TYSON 2.0 expanded its celebrity house of brands approach earlier this year with the acquisition of Ric Flair Drip, Inc. TYSON 2.0 was able to expand its product range and commercialize Ric Flair’s intellectual property in the cannabis market through this strategic alliance.

“WOOOOO! I’m so thrilled to bring Ric Flair Drip Cannabis products to TYSON 2.0 fans. Now, more people can get into the Ric Flair state of mind– limousine riding, jet-flying, good vibes only. I discovered the benefits of cannabis later in life and was overwhelmed by how much it has helped elevate the mind and heal the body. Alongside TYSON 2.0, I am committed to sharing these amazing benefits with as many consumers as possible.”

The products will initially be available in 11 states. Ric Flair Drip Cannabis is slated to start throughout Verano’s network in Arizona, Nevada, and Illinois, followed by phased launches in Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. You can check out Tyson20.com for more information on TYSON 2.0.

There is no denying the two have a close bond. Let’s see how this goes. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

Shivangini is a law student with a passion for writing and music. She writes for Thirstyfornews and enjoys cooking, baking, and playing various instruments. In her free time, she watches movies, TV shows, and anime, with a love for bands like Alcest and Scorpions.

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