The Jenners have a thing for getting into controversies on a daily basis. The fans are their harshest critique. This time Kylie has been under some hot water for letting her daughter, Stormi dress inappropriately.

Kylie was in Los Angeles for a Kylie Cosmetics party on Wednesday night. She brought her little one to the party as well. The mother-daughter duo arrived at the event wearing different sunglasses. Their fashion was on point for the night.

The Kylie Cosmetics owner went braless as she unbuttoned her white minidress with ruffled sleeves and teased cleavage. She showed off her curves as she strutted around in matching stiletto pumps and a silver anklet. However, it was Stormi’s dress that made the fanbase uneasy.

Stormi was dressed in a silver one-shoulder minidress. Fans jumped to an online board as they discussed how Stormi was too young to attend the late-night event. They also debated whether the toddler’s dress was appropriate for a child of that age.

Fans took to Reddit and started a conversation about the event. One critic said: “I think it’s gross to take that baby everywhere in front of the cameras and have her all styled for events like this so young.” Another critic added: “I think Stormi’s dress makes it look interesting but in a bad way.” A third critic mentioned: “Leave that baby home! Oh my God!”

Parents have the sole responsibility of raising their kids right. They can choose and select how to make their children look in public. This is more so prevalent when it comes to celebrity kids. We hope that they know what they are doing with their child.

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Anirban Biswas

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