Cardi B put a lot of effort into becoming one of the best female rappers in the hip-hop industry, and her music has become popular all over the world. She is also a controversial figure for a good reason.

The WAP rapper recently reacted to a death threat she received online after exchanging words for several hours with someone she addressed as a “Stan on Twitter.” Needless to say, she handled her business.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper got into an online fight with a “Nicki Minaj Connoisseur” on Wednesday. They stated that Cardi still owed money to two women who had filed a lawsuit against the rapper for a fight at a strip club in 2018.

“Why you lying on me and those girls for. I have an open case EVERYTHING IS PUBLIC offering money will not benefit me and actually get me in real trouble you making up anything cause you decided to come for me after coming out of jail for stealing 3k worth of clothes.”

This reaction drew a response from her aggressor, whose Twitter username is @SleezeMaraj. They replied, “LMAOO now you KNOW you offered them girls the money.”

Cardi B saw this and it didn’t take her very long to form a response.

“She never steal from me, she don’t have to…you don’t know her your girl knows her and your girl was running up tea on you wit that new job you had last year trying bait my girl to give her tea about me by spilling your sh*t.. MY GIRL WASN’T GOING!”

Cardi was also seen defending her husband Offset who’s suing the Quality Control label for the rights to his solo work. Cardi tweeted, “Ouuuuuu my man got a couple weed charges and gun charges cause he ain’t no P*ssy and was a hustler …rather dick slinging then taking P*ssy from bitches ….you bringing my nikka up trying to get me mad …LETS NOT TALK ABOUT HUSBANDS NOW.”

However, things got much more serious when Cardi B posted and later removed claims of a death threat. “A nikka putting a threat on my head ?” Cardi asked.

“Lmmmaaaaoooooo I gotta laugh ! I’m comfortable in my city ,LA,down south to where ever the f### I go! nikka gonna have to shoot me and kill me … Like WHEN YOU SEE ME WHAT NIKKA ? It’s all fun and games till nikka start makin then threats.”

Cardi and the other person have since stopped fighting online, but the rapper is certain her hater was just clout chasing. With the caption “Thanks for watching,” she used a meme of Wendy Williams to conclude her tirade. We’ll have to see what’s next, but you can keep checking back with Thirsty for more!

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