Offset rose to prominence as part of the rap trio Migos, alongside his cousin Quavo, and Quavo’s nephew Takeoff. The Migos ranks on the top of many fans’ favorite lists as a hip-hop trio. Offset recently claimed that Quality Control Records isn’t complying with the agreement he reached with them, and he wants them to do the right thing in his eyes.

Offset seems to have encountered a minor problem regarding his solo career at the same time that Quavo and Takeoff are teasing Bando Babies, their future project. The rapper, according to TMZ, sued Quality Control Records for allegedly breaching an agreement relating to his solo endeavors.

Offset asserted in court documents that he and Quality Control negotiated an agreement for his artist rights, for which he claims to have “paid generously.” Offset claimed that the Baby Keem-produced song “54321” was released in violation of the two parties’ contract.

This new chapter for me is personal ‼️

Offset said that his most recent song, which was released last week, had been wrongly classified as a release under Quality Control, a move he called “hostile.” Days before he is scheduled to release “Code,” his impending collaboration with Moneybagg Yo, news of the lawsuit broke. He inked his solo agreement with Motown Records, and it appears that he wants the new song to be released exclusively on that label.

Offset is requesting that the court intervene in order to make sure that Quality Control does not own anything that he has released as a solo artist since January 15th, 2021, even if Migos are still a part of the Quality Control family. Keep checking back with Thirsty for any new information regarding Offset’s legal action against Quality Control Records.

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