My Chemical Romance remains one of the most popular punk rock bands of all time. They have defined generations of emos in the world, as people continue to connect with their songs.

Gerard Way has been praised for “defying gender norms” recently after he was seen wearing a cheerleading dress on stage at My Chemical Romance’s Nashville show on Tuesday night. Obviously, he is no stranger to dressing for the occasion, so maybe he had a game after the show.

The frontman of the legendary group wore the white and green dress with a W emblazoned on it as they gave the debut live performance of the studio version of ‘The World Is Ugly’ at the Bridgestone Arena. This was quite a treat for fans.

MCR is making a comeback and as their music continues to pump through speakers of their fans worldwide. We’ll have to see what’s next for them, but a new album is not out of the question with their current work-rate.

Gerald Way could be seen moshing along on stage in his cheerleading outfit, as fans simply had a blast. My Chemical Romance continues to surprise fans and that is all that matters right now. You may check out the adrenaline-filled video below.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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