Megan Thee Stallion’s legal battle with Carl Crawford and 1501 Certified Entertainment is heating up. The singer has been trying to free herself from the contract she signed with the independent label. Taking that into consideration, over time, the process has turned out to be quite complicated.

Variety reports that the Houston Hottie is now seeking $1 million in damages, and she wants a court to legally end her relationship with the record label. Additionally, Megan is also asking Harris County district court to determine that her 2021 release “Something for Thee Hotties” is an “album” as defined in her recording agreement.

In the complaint obtained by the outlet, Megan alleged that 1501 owes the amount due to their “underpayment of royalties” and for “wrongfully [allowing] for excessive marketing and promotion charges to be deducted from amounts owed to Pete under the recording agreement.” She’s not backing down and wants to get paid.

If the judge rules in her favor, Megan will have officially completed her contractual obligations to 1501 and will be able to leave the label in compliance with the recording agreement she signed in 2018. That will certainly free her up to pursue other opportunities.

Over the past two years, Megan and 1501 have gone back and forth over disputes concerning her minimum recording commitment. The label is fighting back hard as they claim that her previous project, “Something for Thee Hotties,” is less than an album. This is something that Meg is contesting, and she’s leaving it up to a judge to decide.

Steven Zager, a legal rep for 1501 Certified Entertainment, confirmed to the outlet that the label is still in the process of analyzing the validity of “Traumazine” as an album in accordance with her contract. However, even if “Traumazine” were to qualify, Zager claims Megan still owes them, at least, one more full body of work to fulfill her contract.

Obviously, this legal situation is not getting any less heated. Megan Thee Stallion’s fans will stand by her, so her former label will have damage control to worry about either way. Stay tuned to Thirsty for any further updates.

The situation continues to get more intense. What’s your take on this story?

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