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Former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was forced to resign from the head coaching position of the Las Vegas Raiders when uncovered emails included a terrible choice of words and racism. After being ousted from the team, Gruden dragged NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell into a lawsuit. Now, lawyers for the National Football League have made another shocking revelation.

The NFL claimed in recent court filings that the former Raiders coach “consistently” sent derogatory emails during his time as the team’s coach. According to David Charns of CBS 8 in Las Vegas, the league suggested that Gruden’s potential habit of sending “derogatory” emails wasn’t confined to the over-the-top messages sent to former Washington executive Bruce Allen in 2011, when Gruden wasn’t employed by any NFL team.

In a court filing submitted last week, the NFL’s lawyers questioned the accuracy of the proposed order submitted by Gruden’s representatives. The league’s lawyers wrote, “Gruden’s claim (and purported finding of fact) on the timing of his emails is, in reality, very much disputed by the NFL Parties and in fact false.” They further asserted that Gruden sent even more derogatory emails than the ones the public knows about.

“Discovery — necessary to make any finding of fact on this issue — will show that Gruden continued to send the same kind of derogatory emails consistently following his start date with the Raiders.”

According to the NFL’s lawyers, the league believes that Gruden sent problematic emails not only when he wasn’t working for any NFL team, but also after he returned to the Raiders in 2018. Meanwhile, Gruden’s legal team argued that by asserting that Gruden also sent “derogatory” emails after signing with the Raiders, it missed its chance to support a disproved claim that the dispute should be settled in arbitration. Gruden’s attorney, Adam Hosmer-Henner, further elaborated on this in a statement.

“The NFL did not make these unsubstantiated arguments in the motions they already lost and will not be able to make them if they appeal. In fact, their own attorney conceded during the hearing that the emails were sent before Jon Gruden signed with the Raiders.”

Gruden lawsuit arises from the fact that someone leaked the emails he sent to Allen when Gruden was working for ESPN. If someone were to leak emails Gruden sent while working for the Raiders, a new lawsuit could be filed. If the case ends up in arbitration, chances are those emails will never see the light of day.

Taking all of this complicated situation into consideration, if the case remains in court, those emails likely will become a cornerstone of the league’s defense, under the clunky title of “after-acquired evidence.” Keep checking back with Thirsty for more.

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Shubham Banerjee

Shubham Banerjee is a computer science student with a passion for technology, gadgets and coding. He writes for Thirsty for News, sharing his love for information and learning. In his free time, he enjoys photography, music, and football. Though, he is a fan of Barcelona, but he is disappointed with their recent performance.

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