HBO’s prequel to Game of Thrones titled House Of The Dragon received the green light back in 2020, and the first teaser was dropped last year. The show finally premiered earlier this week to a huge response. The show’s 19-year-old star, Emily Carey recently revealed that she had to quit Twitter after receiving a barrage of abusive tweets post her appearance at the 2022 San Diego Comic Con.

Carey talked to about what happened following some comments she made about her character, a younger version of Alicent Hightower. During an appearance at SDCC, she explained how she came up with the backstory for Alicent and expressed, “I’ve never had the freedom to create a whole human being like this before. So it was so much fun being able to go so in depth with her.”

Carey said that, “I think she’s so multifaceted. There are so many layers to her,” She added, “I think lots of people are already expecting her to be the villain of the show, but I think bringing her in younger, there was a lot more to explore.”

The 19-year-old star ruffled feathers among the diehard GoT fandom as they disagreed with Carey’s characterization of the young woman she portrays. She’s young, but also seasoned in the entertainment business. That being said, she’s moving on from the toxicity of social media.

“I’m 19, so I’m all on social media, and I’ve been on social media since I was a kid because I’ve worked since I was a kid, so I’m very conscious of things … Any hate that comes in, it’s just … It’s a person behind a screen. You just have to move on from it.”

Carey further shared that, “But I will say I did delete Twitter [after Comic-Con] because it’s just so loud,” She explained that, “Even when it’s good, there’s so many and it’s so loud.” At the time of the backlash, Carey wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

“I stand by what I said in the panel. Alicent is not the villain, folks. When we meet her she’s a child, a product of the patriarchy. Just you wait and see. Maybe you’ll sympathise.”

Meanwhile, “House of the Dragon” premiered Sunday to about 10 million viewers, making it “the largest audience for any new original series in the history of HBO,” according to the network. The GoT prequel is obviously getting a lot of attention, whether fans are happy or not. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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