50 Cent is well-known in the hip-hop industry for his influence; he is regarded as a “master of the nuanced art of lyrical brevity.” Bow Wow’s career, on the other hand, began in the late 1990s after he was discovered by rapper Snoop Dogg. Bow Wow was recently trolled by Cent when club dancers requested to search him on his way out.

50 Cent took to Instagram and posted a picture teasing Bow Wow. He trolled him by saying that dancers at Club G5 Tomorrow night and Area 29 Saturday are demanding that Bow Wow be checked on his way out as well. He also stated that there is no way this could be made up.

“The dancers at Club G5 Tomorrow night,and Area 29 Sat are requesting @shadmoss gets searched on the way out you can’t make this kinda sh*t up. LOL. www.TycoonHouston.com.”

Obviously, if Fif posts something about you, a response must be prioritized. So, Bow Wow chimed in with his version of events.

“FIF you my brodie. BUT U KAP!!! @area29htx wasnt i just home with you guys sunday? Going crazy on the stage BEFORE TYCOON STARTED? who gave fif the wrong info?

(Fif i only take MY MONEY back when the h*es is ugly or the vibe aint right and i finish the party else where).”

50 Cent, as previously reported, pulled an epic prank on a plane just recently. So, he’s still on his game in terms of cracking jokes.

Fif can make a joke on anyone and at any moment. Let’s see who he picks as his scapegoat the next time. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

What will your reaction be if Fif trolls you like this? Please let us know in the comments!

Shivangini Rawat

Shivangini is a law student with a passion for writing and music. She writes for Thirstyfornews and enjoys cooking, baking, and playing various instruments. In her free time, she watches movies, TV shows, and anime, with a love for bands like Alcest and Scorpions.

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