Irene Bedard is an American actress, who has played mostly lead Native American roles in a variety of films. It sounds like the Pocahontas voice actor had a difficult day after she got arrested. Irene was transported to the Greene County Jail and arrested for disorderly behavior.

The Disney actor was recently detained for disorderly conduct in Greene County, Ohio. The arrest record paints a very gloomy picture. Officers were performing a welfare check after learning that a woman had passed out in the bushes on a residential street.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Irene was reportedly in a neighboring parking lot when police came. They claim that as they spoke with her, she went through a range of emotions. Bedard appeared calm one minute and sad and sobbing the next.

Police said Irene was with Sheila when she gave them the name of a person they might contact for Irene, prompting Irene to shout that she didn’t want that person to get involved. Irene allegedly ran off after them and nearly knocked over a table on the pavement, according to the police. According to the complaint, Irene reportedly stopped running and briefly walked calmly alongside officers before erupting in rage over a prior encounter.

Keep in mind that Irene was twice detained over the course of three days in November 2020, and a police body camera shows her acting aggressively toward the officers who came to speak to her. Police claim that when things became heated again, Irene allegedly backed into a big window and yelled at the officers.

The officers grabbed her by the wrist to remove her away out of fear that she might smash the window. Irene allegedly stiffened her arms and tried to wriggle free of one officer’s hands after they discovered she had no one to call for care, which led to other officers handcuffing and restraint Irene, according to police. The drama didn’t finish there. According to the police, Irene became a dead weight while being transported to the police vehicle and had to be held up.

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