Nicolas Cage’s work in various film genres during the 2010s increased his popularity and gained him a cult following. However, Nicholas has recently started experimenting with his hair. Nicolas is now a redhead.

According to his IMDB profile, Nicolas is not currently filming any new projects. So it’s unclear why Willy’s Wonderland star dyed his hair bright red. He dyed his normally black hair a punkier shade of scarlet and unveiled the new style in Las Vegas on Saturday (Aug. 20).

Cage posed with admirers while grocery shopping dressed in a beautiful suit, white shirt, and sunglasses. A fan ran into Nic the next day and posted a snapshot of it on social media. “Just Nic Cage with new Cherry red hair… … That’s it, that’s the Tweet…” tweeted user @Cyborgana.

This hair may also be older than people believe. On July 10th, a Twitter user with the handle @imagoodsuername tweeted a photo of (presumably) them with Nicolas, his hair a bright crimson blaze. The tweet came in response to a news article describing Cage as “a vodka-drinking, Flashdance-loving dragon in HIGH FIRE,” a film characterized as “True Detective meets Pete’s Dragon.”

“Olay, but WHAT IF instead of voicing the dragon in High fire, they will let Nicolas Cage play the dragon?” tweeted @imagoodusername. Such a suggestion is not beyond the pale for Cage. He’ll portray an old gunslinger in The Old Way, a retired beach bum in The Retirement Plan, and Dracula in Renfield, which is due out soon.

“He already has a red hair, just add a pair of horns and wings and make his skin a lizard-like.”

Cage’s 2022 has been exciting as he awaits the arrival of his third child. The Bringing Out The Dead star and his wife, Riko Shibata announced their pregnancy at the beginning of the year. “The parents-to-be are elated!” his representative said in a statement. Soon after, Nicolas confirmed the sex and name of the baby on an April episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Nicholas is 58 years old and looks stunning with his red hair. Age is, in fact, just a number. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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