Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, came out victorious in her nearly three-year legal battle against Associated Newspapers. The Duchess of Sussex sued the British tabloids for infringing on her privacy and copyright by publishing a private letter she wrote to her father prior to her wedding to Prince Harry. Markle also revealed about her baby Archie’s nursery catching fire in South Africa.

In a terrifying occurrence, Meghan Markle learnt that baby Archie’s nursery had burned down while they were abroad. According to TMZ, the Duchess of Sussex revealed details of the incident for the first time to Serena Williams.

Markle said that her baby was 4 months old when they travelled to South Africa. She claimed they handed off their son at a housing complex before she left to do a speech nearby. Meghan discovered a fire had started in Archie’s room when she returned.

Upon her hasty return, Meghan discovered Archie unharmed after his nanny had taken him outside while she went to fetch a snack. However, as they were leaving, a heater in the room caught fire.

What’s worse is that, despite her request to cancel the event, she was compelled to leave Archie behind once more following the close call in order to attend another engagement. Check out some photos and videos below. Also, stay tuned to Thirsty for latest news and updates.

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