Being one of the biggest names in the world of sports, it is no surprise that LeBron James attracts attention wherever he goes. The NBA legend has recently been showing up to amateur games, bringing a swarm to fans to these events.

Over the weekend, Bron showed up to Jamal Crawford’s CrawsOver Pro-Am tournament in Seattle. As expected, LeBron’s expected presence attracted a lot of fans to the venue.

In fact, several fans were spotted camping at the arena overnight, just so they could spot Bron. When the NBA star did arrive at the venue, he was immediately surrounded by fans.

Following this, LeBron posted a picture of himself surrounded by fans, with the caption, “Where’s LeWaldo.” Bron was, of course, riffing on how the picture looked like a scene out of a Where’s Waldo book.

It seems has in addition to shaping up for his 20th season in the NBA, Bron has also been working his comedy muscles. Check out the post below.

Can you spot “LeWaldo?” Let us know in the comments!

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Abhishek Kar

Abhishek Kar is a freelance writer and a full-time pop culture enthusiast from India. In his spare time, he likes to paint.

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