A well-known ex-couple in the industry, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, frequently maintain their status as the center of attention. However, a mishap this time around made the news. Fans are aware of the fact that Scott Disick’s Lamborghini SUV “rolled over” in a collision. Following a terrifying accident, Kourtney Kardashian recently “checked in” on Scott Disick.

Even though Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian’s almost ten-year relationship ended, the founder of Poosh still made sure to “check-in” on him after crashing his Lamborghini on August 21. According to a few sources close to the ex-couples who spoke with Hollywood Life, Kourtney contacted her ex after the terrifying incident.

Scott’s condition following the accident was described by a source close to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. According to the source, Scott was unharmed in the incident. The source further added that the super mom was extremely grateful that none of her children were in the car.

“Scott wasn’t seriously injured and was able to walk up the street back home. Kourt and the kids were relaxing around the house when Scott called them with the terrible news. They’ve all been over to Scott’s to check on him, and see if he needs anything, etc.”

“Kourtney can’t imagine if one of the kids were in the car with him, she’s very shaken up about the whole thing. Everyone is very concerned and hopes this was the wake-up call that he has to be more careful.”

A close friend of the Talentless entrepreneur spoke of Scott’s post-accident trauma. The friend continued, that the entire Kardashian & Jenner family is worried about him and has made safety recommendations.

“Scott is very shaken up by the accident and his family and friends were extremely worried. They are so glad to hear that alcohol was not a factor because Scott has been doing so great staying away from booze. [The whole KarJenner family] loves Scott and they care about him very much. He is family in their eyes. Kris told Scott he needs to stay off the road for a bit and use a driver. He is so lucky to just walk away and so grateful that he did not hurt anyone else.”

The source also conversed with a neighbor in Scott’s lavish Calabasas neighborhood who claimed that although the accident was very serious, everything went off without a hitch. The road’s pronounced curves were even mentioned by a neighbor as a potential contributing factor to this serious accident.

“Scott is counting his blessings because he realizes how different this could have ended. He knows it was a stupid mistake and that he’s lucky to be alive. The accident happened right down the street from his house. There’s a sharp curve at the end of his road and a median with trees and grass just past that. He must have been going too fast to make the turn safely and ended up losing control of his car.”

However, the significant accident could have resulted in a significant mishap; fortunately, the star is not seriously harmed. Kourtney has demonstrated her concern for her ex, as it seems that she still has feelings for him. What do you think Kourtney’s current feelings for Scott are? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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