Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship has long been a subject of controversy.  Rock was taken into custody for the second time this year, because of an incident involving the rapper. She had earlier reportedly been arrested in Oklahoma after allegedly breaking into his home and stealing his car.

Last month, videos of the duo physically fighting on Hollywood Boulevard went viral. More recently, the couple was spotted arguing in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Rock and Blueface got into a physical altercation again, and the rapper then took to social media to show his black eye. Rock was reportedly arrested, but not for any violent offenses, rather, it was because she stole Blueface’s phone and fled into a closed establishment, which caused the call to the police. Blueface claims that she was detained for trespassing.

Blueface’s mother and sister have also appeared on Instagram to share their opinions. Karlissa, the rapper’s mother, wrote a statement regarding trying to protect her son from Rock, but Natalie Nunn chimed in to call her out. Rock appears in the Baddies South, which Nunn executive produces on Zeus Network. Nunn alleges that Karlissa attempted to scam her.

According to Nunn,

“Mom respectfully go to bed. Honestly you was at the office tryin to get us to put her checks in your account PLEASE STOP I DONT EVEN STEP IN NO FAMILY STUFF BUT U WAS TELLING ME TO PUT HER CHECKS IN UR ACCOUNT WHEN U TOOK HER TO THE ZEUS HOUSE FOR THE PHOTOSHOOT DAY.”

Karlissa and Rock had previously clashed, including the incident in which the two and Blueface’s sister got into a nasty brawl. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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