Asian Doll is recognized for a variety of things. She has received a storm of abuse from drill rappers and online trolls since claiming herself as the “Queen of Drill” in April. Doll was recently involved in an altercation when a girl tried to snatch her chain away.

Asian Doll found herself in a fight with someone who was attempting to take her diamond-flushed chain. A video shows Asian Doll shoving another woman who was allegedly attempting to steal her diamond-studded necklace surfaced. The woman is plainly being handled by Asian Doll in the video as spectators observe and record the altercation.

Thirsty for News recently posted a video on Instagram featuring the ugly brawl. A girl tried to snatch Asian Doll’s chain, but the latter stood her ground. Asian Doll could be seen screaming and fighting back. She was also throwing in some kicks while people around her tried to contain her.

Brawl erupts after girl tries to snatch #Asiandolls chain

Asian Doll jumped on her Twitter page after the confrontation to provide her account of what transpired with the woman who attempted to take her necklace at an event. Asian Doll then referred to the attacker in a string of tweets as “Ms. Dior” as the victim was sporting a Dior clothing at the time of the altercation. She said that she assaulted the victim for attempting to take her chain.

I’ll never fall plus it’s to many n—-s around me for me to even hit the ground…. after she reached that bitch saw nun else but stars 😂😂 don’t let the Santa clause off Friday after next lie to y’all 🤣 that bitch was stressed & almost Died

We snatching h-es out they fake dior f-ck laughing aint sh-t funny 😂

During the fight, Asian Doll could be heard saying, “Dumb bitch, are you stupid?” The rapper, who is from Texas but now represents and lives in the Bronx, has enraged many New Yorkers with her drill music, and they have officially asked her to leave. Check out the video below.

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