NLE Choppa is without a doubt one of the most popular rappers of the new generation. As drill rap gains even more importance in today’s scene, he is right there. NLE Choppa is a proponent of sexual innovation and believes that the armpit should be explored more often in the bedroom.

NLE has been on a nasty rampage since the release of his track “Sl-t Me Out.” TMZ recently caught up with him at LAX. He revealed to the world that he licks the pits of his female lovers and declared that her saliva is their deodorant.

my saliva yo deodorant.

The meaning of his tweet is broken down by NLE, who argues that since a variety of items have become increasingly popular in the bedroom in recent years, armpits ought to be included in the same category. TMZ also questioned NLE about the latest face-tat trend among rappers, which was popularized by Drake and Cardi B, who hasn’t yet revealed hers.

The majority of the 19-year-old rapper’s body is covered in tattoos. NLE claimed that his beautiful mug is where he draws the line. He also claimed that his Grandmother would slap the ink off his face if he ever had the audacity. Check out the video below.

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Gunjan Nath

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