One of the most lucrative and prosperous figures in the industry is Kim Kardashian. Kim K has worked incredibly hard her entire life to get to where she is. However, her success has drawn the attention of many, which led to the robbery. The alleged thief of Kim Kardashian’s assests claims that he has no remorse for the robbery in Paris.

One of the suspects in the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris, who appears to have admitted his involvement at least in part, says he doesn’t feel bad about what transpired. One of the men charged with the 2016 heist is Yunis Abbas, who spoke in an interview with Vice News about the planning and execution of the heist that netted them millions of dollars worth of stolen jewelry.

Abbas explained that they kept tabs on Kim when she visited Paris that year and tracked her movements, many of which were being covered by the press and social media, both her own and others. He also said tha that they were tracking Kim through her show and on social media. According to Abbas, they thought Kim had a lot of money because she was flaunting a lot of jewellery both in person and online, especially based on what they could see on “KUWTK.”

It sounds like Abbas and his team spent weeks planning, and when the big day arrived, they executed their strategy perfectly, though he claimed to have stayed downstairs while his colleagues carried out the deed. He gave the impression that it was relatively simple to accomplish. Abbas continued by claiming that he initially didn’t know much about Kim, focusing more on Kanye, and that he has no regrets about his involvement in the crime.

He saw Kim “throwing money away,” and he justified his behaviour by saying that he was simply picking up what he believed she was obviously not interested in. So, there isn’t really any regret, despite the fact that he realises she must have been traumatised by it all. Kim has spoken extensively about the fallout, claiming that she was terrified for her life and that the damage would go far beyond what actually occurred.

Kim’s future behaviour was also fundamentally altered by it, particularly with regard to security and flashing jewellery. Hearing the story directly from one of the suspects is pretty fascinating. Abbas hasn’t been afraid to talk about his involvement; he’s since written a tell-all book about it, but he’s also reportedly pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him.

A total of 12 men were charged in relation to the incident, and it appears that charges are still pending despite the case having been tried last fall. After hearing the whole confession of Abbas, what do you think about this robbery? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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