Donna D’Errico is well-known for her role in the famous drama series ‘Baywatch’. She recently announced that she has joined OnlyFans last week. However, she appears to receive a lot of criticism for doing that.

Donna has revealed that she joined OnlyFans earlier this week despite criticism from “trolls” who claimed she was “too old” to display her renowned physique. Along with a picture of her take on “a vintage pin-up poster,” on Instagram, the 54-year-old wrote in the caption, “I obviously don’t take myself, or the fact that I’m on that site, too seriously.”

The former “Playboy” model justified her choice to sign up for the subscriber-only, NSFW website by stating it’s merely a social media platform free of “censorship, bullying, and haters.”

“All these celebs posting nude and topless pics of themselves here on IG and Twitter all the time covering their important bits with their hands. Boom, thousands of likes & comments talking about body positivity and confidence and empowerment and you go girl! Hot!.

But take that same photo of that same celeb and put it on OF where she can control who sees it and now she’s gross and hard up. People kill me.”

The model continued by clarifying what her subscribers should and shouldn’t anticipate from her new profile. “What you will see: Bikini and lingerie modeling pics, outtakes from magazine editorials, me doing funny things in bikinis”, she wrote. So, it doesn’t sound like she’s going to be going Fully Monty on OF.

“Because I have such an incredible sense of humor yet am also so humble, new and vintage bts photos & videos, and whatever else I decide I want to post.

What you will not see: My hoo-ha. What I don’t want to see: Your manhood.”

D’Errico informed followers that she will be personally managing the account. The actress knew that her announcement would “upset some people” since she received backlash over a post she shared earlier this month featuring a scanty bikini.

Following that, D’Errico posted another bikini photo, responding to her critics by declaring that she “can actually wear and do literally whatever” she wants. The actress, however, said that the same “Karens” have reported her most recent Instagram post, which promoted her new OnlyFans account, of “soliciting prostitution.” Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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