Akon saw Kanye West’s latest scandal over using clothing containers for his Yeezy Gap line that looked like trash bags. Akon spoke up to support Kanye West and tell haters to stop criticizing him for using those unique containers.

TMZ reported that Akon is fiercely defending Kanye West, calling his detractors hypocrites for criticizing him for allegedly disrespecting the homeless while doing nothing to address the issue themselves.

Kanye, according to Akon, owes no remorse for the containers displaying his clothing in Gap stores. Since customers have to dig around inside the bags to find the perfect hoodie, Ye is being dragged by people who think the containers are garbage bags.

In actuality, they are containers rather than trash bags, and the unusual presentation has customers entering Gap stores, which happens less and less frequently these days. Kanye, according to Akon, owes no one an explanation and has no need to apologize. He is simply a guy who happens to be very creative.

That was made very clear to Fox on Friday that Kanye is not going to apologize or offer an explanation. According to Akon, Kanye has actually brought attention to the issue of homelessness. What do you think of Kanye’s actions? Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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