Marcell Ozuna appeared in 107 games for the Braves this season, batting .214 with 20 home runs. He is facing some deep trouble with the law yet again. The Atlanta Braves outfielder was recently arrested for driving under the influence. Ozuna recently pulled out the celebrity card during his DUI arrest.

According to the documents acquired by TMZ Sports, the officer with the Norcross Police Department pulled over MLB superstar at around 3:35 AM. According to a new police report, Marcell Ozuna recently used the celebrity card during his DUI arrest. He said that he was Ozuna from the Braves to the police officer, thinking that might get him out of trouble.

Sorry, sorry, I’m Ozuna from the Braves.

Ozuna was driving a black 2021 Mercedes-Benz for allegedly speeding and failing to maintain lane discipline. The police officer wrote in the report that the baseball player’s automobile smelled strongly of alcohol. Ozuna allegedly had red and watery eyes, according to the officer.

The documents state that Ozuna informed the officer that he was in Norcross and on his way to the party. According to the officer, he later discovered that the 31-year-old was on his way to a neighboring after-hours nightclub. When Ozuna proceeded to give the police his driver’s licenze, the officer said in the documents that he also turned over an MLB ID card that showed him as a Braves player.

According to the investigation, Ozuna admitted to drinking like three or four beers before getting behind the wheel moments before undergoing field sobriety tests. The officer placed Ozuna under arrest after conducting three tests. However, the officer claimed that Ozuna declined to submit to a breath test and a blood test.

According to records, he was ultimately arrested on suspicion of DUI and lane violation. Ozuna did not participate in the crucial Braves victory over the Mets that had taken place in Atlanta just hours prior to his arrest. Ozuna has been detained twice in the past 15 months. The first time was in May 2021 after he was accused of beating his wife during an altercation in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

A few months after the event, Ozuna consented to participate in a pretrial diversion program to finish the case, but the MLB nevertheless punished him for 20 games as a result. Later on, he acknowledged that he had apologized to his teammates before the start of this season. You may check out the post and mugshot below.

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