NFL Hall of Famer and commentator Michael Irvin is one of the most talented players to grace the sport. Recently, Irvin was at the center of a bar fight at Knockout Sports Bar near Dallas, Texas. Some guys got into a massive melee after Michael Irvin failed to get a peace deal done.

TMZ reported that despite Michael’s best efforts to keep the peace, bar patrons still broke out in a wild fistfight near the Hall of Famer in Texas on Monday. The altercation happened at around 10 p.m. at Knockout Sports Bar near Dallas, shortly after Irvin had arrived in town from filming ESPN’s “First Take” in New York City earlier in the day.

A video was posted and details from the massive brawl. In the clip, a man is shown trying to interact with the Hall of Fame wide receiver while he was playing pool before Irvin’s friend asks him to leave, which sparked a confrontation.

Witnesses shared with the outlet that the man who was playing with Irvin told the guy to scram, which set the dude in the teal off. Irvin attempts to calm the situation by giving the man a hug, but the tensions continued to mount and the former NFL player’s friend got struck several times.

The footage shows Irvin even hugged the guy in the teal in order to prevent a fracas. However, witnesses told the outlet that the guy kept pressing. The man swung on Irvin’s friend a few times, appearing to connect with his jaw repeatedly. Bouncers raced in, but the melee seemed to continue.

It should be noted that Irvin was not involved in the fight in any way. He was on the other side of the restaurant having a conversation with a server. According to the outlet, he left the venue minutes after the scrap concluded. Irvin, meanwhile, has yet to publicly comment on the incident.

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Shubham Banerjee

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