Recent negotiations between LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers resulted in a hefty two-year contract extension for $97.1 million. LeBron will remain with the Lakers for at least two more seasons. However, in the third year, he will have the option to leave the Lakers, but that will entirely depend on if they decide to sign Bronny James Jr.

LeBron’s willingness to rejoin the Lakers was the subject of rumors throughout these contract negotiations. Of course, the team has recently seen its share of difficulties, and there have been many critics who believe it would be better for James if he plays for another team.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski claims that LeBron eventually thought about playing for other teams. LeBron would have become a free agent in 2023 without the contract. LeBron eventually turned around, though, and saw that, of all the teams with cap space, none of them actually intrigued him. This ultimately resulted in his decision to join the Lakers and make them his team.

The Lakers are under a lot of pressure to win, so it will be exciting to watch if they can do it this season even with Russell Westbrook on the roster. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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