T.I. is no stranger to controversy. Just last year a judge dismissed sexual assault charges against the rapper and his wife, Tiny. Now, he’s being accused of allegedly punching The Chainsmokers’ Andrew “Drew” Taggart in the face after he kissed him on the cheek.

In a video uploaded to the EDM duo’s TikTok page on Tuesday, Taggart and fellow Chainsmoker Alexander “Alex” Pall document a recent encounter with the Atlanta native at a nightclub. The clip titled “When meeting T.I. goes wrong” shows Taggart posing for a photo with Tip before it cuts to the duo in the back of a car, where Taggart details the incident.

The Grammy-winner explains he kissed the Trap Muzik rapper because he was “feeling the vibes way too hard,” before admitting the punch was justified. Taggart said in the clip, “T.I. just literally punched me in the face,” as Pall laughs in the background. He added, “We’re in a vibe and I, like, gave him a kiss on the cheek — it was totally my fault.”

“And he was like, ‘Don’t do that.’ And I was like, ‘OK.’ He pushed me off and I was like, ‘Alright, my bad’ … And he was like, ‘Alright cool, we’re good.’ It was the weirdest interaction ever.”

Taggart continued, “First of all, T.I. is fully in the right here. I was feeling the vibes way too hard and I kissed T.I. on the cheek. And he punched me in the face for it! It’s fully fine.” T.I. has yet to respond to the video. We’ll have to see how he reacts to the clip.

T.I has not publicly commented on this story. We’ll have to see if he speaks up. Meanwhile, you can check out the clip posted by The Chainsmokers below. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.


My bad T.I. won’t happen again… unless?

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