Bronny James Jr. has grabbed everyone’s attention lately because of his performance in Europe. Bronny has been showcasing his talent to the world while currently performing with his brother Bryce in a club showcase. Bronny’s basketball career is uncertain, but there is little doubt that he will at least get the chance to play in college, something his father never had the opportunity to do.

Numerous teams have already made proposals to Bronny. He has not truly made a decision regarding his future despite the fact that his senior year is quickly approaching. It hasn’t stopped some journalists from propagating stories, though, as it was recently asserted that Bronny will almost certainly play for the Oregon Ducks.

LeBron constantly monitors what is said on Twitter. Just recently, he learned about these rumors. This compelled the proud father to correct the record and lay out the whole circumstances of Bronny’s participation in collegiate basketball.

He hasn’t taken 1 visit yet and has only had a few calls with coaches and universities. When Bronny makes his choice you’ll hear it from him.

Bronny James is following in his father LeBron James’ footsteps in every way possible. The basketball community will be intrigued by Bronny’s college choice, so keep checking back to Thirsty for additional information as it develops. Check out LeBron James’ tweet below.

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