Antonio Brown has been on the fence when it comes to Tom Brady. Brown has lauded Brady throughout the years, but he has also criticized him. Antonio Brown recently slammed Brady while claiming that he ‘manipulates’ football.

Sometimes it seems that AB still doesn’t fully understand how he feels about Brady, which has resulted in some quite divergent viewpoints over time. For instance, Brown recently criticized the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback harshly on Twitter. Many of you already know that Brady is taking a break to spend more time with his family, and AB appears to be unhappy about it.

Tom brady manipulate the game gets 14 days go home get his mind rt lol. Now u see the difference. Put that Sh-t on.

This is perhaps a reference to the fact that while Brady had some rest when he required it, Brown did not receive the same treatment when he injured his ankle the previous season. Naturally, this resulted in an on-field outburst, during which he removed all of his gear and exited the field.

Brown continued by making fun of Alex Guerrero, Brady’s trainer. AB mispronounced the person’s name, but it is obvious who he was referring to. It goes without saying that life in AB’s world is never boring. For more information and updates from the world of football, keep checking Thirsty.

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