Olivia Culpo is one of the hottest stars in fashion circuits. The fashion model loves making waves with her bold looks and exotic fashion trends. It appeared like Olivia Culpo and her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey were enjoying a very secluded summer getaway.

The brunette bombshell posted a number of pictures to Instagram with the Carolina Panthers football star while having fun and going for a swim. The 26-year-old athlete was seen biting into the star’s leg as she attempted to clamber up into their boat as it was bobbing in the sea, and the 30-year-old I Feel Pretty actress exclaimed, “It’s a shahk!” in her social media caption.

It’s a shahk! 🦈 @revolve @camilacoelhocollection

The running back can be seen in the next photo posing for the camera with his long-term partner, who is also seen standing next to him shirtless. Another image showed Olivia’s boyfriend holding her legs up while she was straddling him. She gave him a kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck.

The rocky shoreline was behind them as they stood on the boat. Olivia has never looked better; modelling the white crochet bikini, she showed off her muscular arms and beautifully toned abs. The outfit included a triangle-shaped top with thin spaghetti-style straps, and the pants rode high up on her hips, adding a racy thong-style back that revealed her bottom. Check out the post below.

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