Drake has been involved in mega project after mega project since he broke into the music scene. He has worked with a ton of industry greats over the years, including Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Drake recently eclipsed The Beatles’ long-standing record for most top-five hits with his most recent attempt, which gave him his 30th.

On Meek Mill’s “Going Bad,” Drake once bragged, “I got more slaps than The Beatles,” and now, he does. With the release of his 30th top-five single, the OVO boss has broken yet another record, long held by The Beatles for the most top-five hits in the history of the Hot 100. Other musicians might have been a little more ecstatic to break the old record, but Drake handled it with ease.

drinks tonight anybody?

Ok I broke my records for the month now me and @stake need you to do your thing Bitcoin 😂

Although Drake has made history, he is not easily intimidated. He shared another photo a few hours after the one asking pals over for drinks. On the dessert plate was inscribed, “Just another celebration.” Additionally, he used a shrug emoji to highlight how commonplace record-breaking is for him.

Drake, who has a tattoo of himself in front of the four Beatles, has broken one of their records before. Seven of his tracks from his 2018 album Scorpion appeared in Billboard’s Top 10 at once, breaking a previous record. He surpassed The Beatles’ 1964 record of five hits. Additionally, the project set streaming milestones by being the first album to receive one billion streams in a single week. Check out the post below.

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