The Rock is a spectacle whose fame has spread all across the world through his own conduct towards his fans. The Great One has also seen his image in many forms, and now he can add 20-ton sand sculpture to that list.

A man was seen carving the Rock out of the sand at the Zoa Energy Venice Beach. This guy went on to say that he used 20 tons of sand to sculpt Dwayne Johnson, who stood roughly 6 feet tall.

“I am out here on this Venice beach carving The rock out of the sand. This sand sculpture is made up of 20 tons of sand standing about 6 feet tall, and it was a lot of work too long there is really getting this down and right. Judging from the reaction of everybody down in this Venice Beach I think I’ve got it. I can hear from the left and the right, the way and the back…The rock… The rock we love The Rock.”

“So, we have all accounts of details to give in the list really nailed like it’s a DJ. His eyes are iconic, and the smile is that little bit off it’s going to look somebody completely different, and I know that you have a lot of meaning for DJ so ill try try to that right way. It was really honored to work here at this Venice Beach and do somebody as immensely popular as The Rock. Could have anybody out there but I got to do it. I love Rock…Everybody loves The Rock. This was a whole lot of fun.”

The Rock shared the incredible video on his Instagram account, which attracted millions of eyes. The Rock accompanied the video with a huge remark speaking his mind and thanking the artist for how diligently he sculpted him.

“Holy shit how cool is this 20 TON MASSIVE SAND SCULPTURE
👀 👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾”



“Our @zoaenergy team is IN PERSON next to the Skate Park for FREE CANS of our NEW ICE COLD CHERRY LIMEADE 🍒🍒 🥶🥶”

“A special shoutout to my guy and amazing artist @sandtastic_usa for putting in INCREDIBLE work on this amazing sculpture 🤙🏾”

“WE WILL BE HERE until 6pm TONIGHT, so come thru, get your FREE ZOA and post some vids and pics of you with my BIG ASS SEXY HEAD 😂 ☀️🕶”


The Rock’s Instagram account was inundated with comments from his fans. What are your thoughts on The Rock’s incredible sculpture? Tell us in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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