Sydney Sweeney has become one of the most recognizable stars on television after starring in the hugely popular HBO smash hit ‘Euphoria.’ Sweeney snagged two Emmy nominations for her roles in ‘Euphoria’ and ‘The White Lotus.’ Recently, the actress revealed which Euphoria scenes made her anxious to film.

The teen drama series tells the story of a group of high school students as they navigate the temptations and experiences of the modern world. Sydney plays the character of the blonde bombshell “Cassie Howard.” The role demanded a lot of skin scenes, about which the actress spoke positively.

However, portraying “Cassie” on screen wasn’t a cake walk. Sweeney says she was very nervous during the filming of some of Euphoria’s intense scenes. While speaking with Deadline on Sunday, the 24-year-old star opened up about her experience while filming the infamous hot-tub scene.

“I had to have a tube in my mouth and it was filling my mouth with disgusting chunks of food and I don’t even know what, and then I had to hold it in my mouth while the scene was happening and act as if it wasn’t happening and then throw up everywhere”

The scene is in the fourth episode, ‘You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can,’ of the show’s second season. In the scene, Sydney’s character ‘Cassie’ vomits in a hot tub while sitting with her co-actors, wearing a swim suit. She also mentioned a scene from the series’ eighth episode of the second season, ‘All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name.’

In this scene, Sydney’s character ‘Cassie’ goes up on stage and ruins her sister’s play. Sydney mentioned that she had terrible stage fright because there was real audience in the auditorium while filming. Luckily, Sydney’s co-star Maude Apatow made the entire experience enjoyable for her. Sweeney also shared that playing the role of ‘Cassie’ has taught her ‘to let go of insecurities’ and made her more confident.

Sydney Sweeney certainly has a bright future ahead of her. She is set to star in many new projects. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates on Euphoria’s entire cast.

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