Paul Heyman, the man behind ECW’s massive rise to fame in the 90s, has been with WWE for quite a while. The Wise Man has held many positions in the company, both on and off camera. This story is quite different from the rest.

Brian Gewirtz worked as a writer for WWE from 1999 through 2012. He eventually rose to the position of lead writer. Gewirtz recently recalled getting suspended in WWE for engaging in a slap fight with Paul Heyman.

Gewirtz and The Rock collaborated frequently. While he was employed by WWE, Gewirtz eventually joined The Rock’s Seven Bucks Production company. Roman Reigns vs. The Rock has long been discussed as a potential fantasy match by Reigns, The Rock, Paul Heyman, and fans.

Heyman, who represents Reigns as their Special Counsel, has commented, but The Great One’s Special Writer Gewirtz has remained silent. Gewirtz recently appeared for an interview on The Ringer’s Cheap Heat podcast. He recalled one particular incident when asked to respond to Heyman regarding a match between Rock and Reigns.

You’ll love the chapter in the book where Paul and I get into an actual slap fight and get suspended from WWE. I get along great with Paul, now. Who won the fight? I don’t know. You know the GIF of Jerry and George kind of waving their arms? It wasn’t exactly Tyson/Holyfield.

Paul is one unique individual, a future Hall of Famer, and never ceases to not entertain me on-screen. I think it would be a horrific mistake, on a historic level you can’t possibly imagine, but if there were ever a tag team match, me and Rock against Heyman and Roman, that would be amusing in terms of the mix of sheer greatness and sheer awfulness combined into one attraction, but I’d be down for it.

The second season of “Young Rock” hinted at a future WrestleMania match between Rock and Reigns. There’s Just One Problem: True Tales from the Former, Once, Seventh Most Powerful Person in WWE by Gewirtz is scheduled for publication on August 16th. Stay tuned to Ringside News for latest updates.

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