Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the hottest models in fashion circuits. She is well known for flaunting her beach-body in advertisements and social media posts. During a recent trip to Brazil, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio posed for pinup pictures and exposed a lot of skin.

The model posed on the balcony of an opulent concept hotel in her native Brazil. She donned a pale grey terrycloth bralette top and tiny matching shorts to show off her toned legs and tight abs. Ambrosio used a series of shots that made up the immaculate model’s five-image carousel to showcase her stunning form and a few items from her GAL Floripa FEELINGS collection against the picturesque environment.

Ilha da Magia ✨🤍🌊🌤

Ambrosio emulated her old Victoria’s Secret modelling career by capturing the beauty around her as well as her effortlessly stunning casual appearance. The model’s décolletage was accentuated by the attractive bra top as she basked in the Brazilian heat. Ambrosio put her flawless and tan obliques on full display by thoughtfully folding over the bottoms of her athletic grey shorts to make sure they sat low on her hips.

Ambrosio, a mother of two and a successful fashion designer, took a break from the photo shoot she was doing with the concept hotel after a hectic start to August. Ambrosio was swinging on a large basket chair with her legs extended and radiating happiness. The model was the epitome of easygoing holiday style. Check out her latest photo drop below.

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