Kevin Gates is an influential rapper renowned for making controversial statements. The hitmaker made up the headlines again for his opposition to Black Lives Matter. Kevin Gates recently explained why he does not support BLM.

Gates is not known for biting his own tongue, as the hip-hop community has observed multiple times in the last several months as a result of his NSFW “Super General” freestyle and his highly open Caresha Please interview.

Kevin Gates recently appeared as a guest on DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast on Spotify. During the discussion, the rapper talked about everything from the late FBG Duck to his friendship with NBA YoungBoy.

However, one excerpt that has already gone viral on social media is Kevin Gates’ controversial opinion on the contemporary Black Lives Matter campaign. Kevin Gates made it obvious during a chat with DJ Akademiks’ “Off The Record,” that he does not support the Black Lives Matter movement in any way, and he used the violence and lack of support in his own neighborhood to justify his views.

“I don’t support Black Lives Matter because who they matter to? We kill each other all day. We talk about each other all day. You know who talks about me the most on the internet? N*ggas. N*ggas. You know what’s worse than a n*gga? Two of ’em! Make you don’t want to be a n*gga.”

“Yeah, man. It don’t be nobody else talking about me. It be n*ggas — my own people that look like me. Talk about me like a dog. Kick me when I’m down. Can’t wait. ‘Look at Gates!’ Went to jail, they celebrated, clapped their hands, and was happy. I don’t look at color and see race no more. I see real and fake — that’s it.”

Despite the contentious nature of his statement, many fans have voiced sympathy and support for Kevin Gates. Fans one after the other started commenting about Gates’s view as they replied to a re-posting of his story.

 “I mean… I kind of see where he coming from…”

“He just stated an unpopular opinion BLM really do start with us.”

Kevin Gates’ point of view was also addressed by Omerettà The Great, a young Atlanta rapper, who simply stated, “Facts.” The rapper’s controversial statement is being debated in the industry, with both sides agreeing and disagreeing. What are your thoughts on this statement? Stay tuned to Thirsty for further developments.

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