President Joe Biden is known for his unique moments during official speeches. Viewers are aware that Joe Biden is the type of individual who never forgets what he owes, either. Before signing the veterans’ bill, Joe Biden reminded us all how crucial Jon Stewart was for the whole process.

Jon Stewart’s efforts to get veterans’ health benefits came full circle on Wednesday when he was present to witness President Biden sign legislation with a shout-out from the President himself.

The former ‘Daily Show’ host was among those present at the White House to see 46 sign the PACT Act into law, and viewers could tell he was moved to see it reach the finish line after such a long fight.

The President made a point of thanking Stewart for his efforts, noting that the measure would not be before him if it weren’t for everything he’d done. Jon Stewart took it all in stride, and throughout the ceremony was hugging vets who could make it in person, rubbing shoulders with politicians in the room, and getting pats on the back from pretty much everyone.

As viewers have seen in recent weeks, Jon was on the front lines of convincing U.S. Senators to vote for PACT, even after many of them, largely Republicans, flipped-flopped at critical stages in the legislative process, nearly derailing it entirely.

There was much wringing of hands about language, including assertions that Democrats were trying to play a fiscal game in terms of the type of spending this would entail in the long run, but Jon consistently stuck to his guns and pointed out disinformation in a variety of ways.

On Capitol Hill, Stewart talked directly to reporters in fervent tones a couple of times and even got into yelling fights with people he called trolls behaving in bad faith. Of course, Jon also used social media creatively, which paid off in the end.

The question is whether he will ever aspire further and run for politics. Only time will tell. What are your thoughts on the subject? Let us know in the comments. Till then stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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