Donald Trump stirred up controversy all around the world during his tenure as president. Even though he hasn’t been president in a while, he continues to be the subject of political debate. The FBI recently conducted a raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. It has now been revealed that the FBI waited for Trump to leave town before conducting the raid.

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago and Donald Trump’s trip to New York City were not unrelated events. According to law enforcement officials, the raid was timed to avoid a confrontation between agents and the former President. The FBI would swoop in and, if the target of the search warrant was in the house, agents would typically handcuff the target until the property was secured.

According to TMZ, sources involved in numerous FBI searches told that even if there were no confrontations, protocol in raids like that one would go as follows. Instead of being imprisoned, the target would be detained. Agents would take off the handcuffs once the property was safe, but the target couldn’t come back in until the raid was over.

The federal government would be placed in a very unpleasant situation, and it would become a political flashpoint. For Ivana’s funeral on July 20th, Trump was in New York. As far as it’s known, he has not since returned to Mar-a-Lago.

The Monday raid occurred when he was in New York City. On social media, Republicans have demanded that the FBI be cut off, while claiming that the search of Trump’s property was “un-American.” Check out the video and photo below and stay tuned to Thirsty for latest updates.

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