WWE doesn’t get political these days because they don’t want to offend consumers worldwide, especially with the McMahon family being friends with controversial former President Donald Trump. Although, behind the scenes is a different matter.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fighful’s paywall got a big story regarding WWE producer Kevin Dunn. This one involves a Trump 2020 flag and duct tape on the company’s production during the ThunderDome era when Covid-19 was raging all over the world.

It was at WWE’s ThunderDome that something caught the eye of staff and talent. A production truck — led by Kevin Dunn — adorned with a crudely duct taped “Trump 2020” flag on the side of it. One talent told us that in the midst of constant cuts, it was just a day that reminded them that “the talent didn’t matter to the higher ups.” The photo was taken at the Tropicana Field ThunderDome , which would have been while President Trump was publicly denying the results of the 2020 election. WWE did not utilize the Tropicana ThunderDome prior to the election. We’re told that the flag was posted in December 2020, and that Dunn himself was sidelined from work for several weeks to start 2021.

It was also noted that, “One source that aided in confirming the news said that the promo that Vince McMahon had Titus O’Neil cut kick off WWE Raw in July stating ‘WWE doesn’t do politics’ frustrated them after seeing this on a production truck.”

There is no way of knowing who put the flag up, but nobody took it down. It is also possible that Vince McMahon didn’t even know at the time that the flag was there.

One talent we spoke to said that they’d bet that Vince McMahon probably didn’t know this happened. Another said that during that era, Vince McMahon would often be in his office throughout the day when he was there, and emerged much less than before and after the ThunderDome era. Despite his clear friendship and allegiance to Donald Trump, most talent we spoke to didn’t believe McMahon would have wanted this as a part of the backstage atmosphere. There were sources that had indicated that Dunn had made his political beliefs known in their presence, which Vince McMahon would generally actively discourage.

It doesn’t matter if you are Liberal, Conservative, or Independent, being political on the job is not professional. Although, displaying a flag to show your allegiance is never a good look for a publicly traded company. Hopefully, no more stunts like that will happen in the future.

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