Amanda Seyfried began her career acting in soap operas, but she soon found movie stardom and hasn’t looked back since. However, Seyfried recently opened up about how she feels regarding the nude scenes she did when she was 19.

Seyfried said in an interview with Porter that she regrets not possessing the guts to resist the pressure to go nude when she was a young actress early in her career. “Being 19, walking around without my underwear on – like, are you kidding me? How did I let that happen?” said Amanda. “Oh, I know why: I was 19, and I didn’t want to upset anybody, and I wanted to keep my job. That’s why.”

Seyfried did not specifically mention the project where she was required to strip off. She still considers herself as “pretty unscathed” for coming of age in 2000s Hollywood, and said her professional life is different now since she is more confident in herself.

“There’s a respect level that I have never felt so fully around me. It has nothing to do with any level of fame or recognition or critical acclaim. Whatever it is, it’s not because of Mank, it’s not because of The Dropout, it’s not about having seen my movies. I’m respected because I’m 36 years old and I know who the f*ck I am.”

Though she now feels respected and valued, it took a lot of time for her self-esteem to grow. The Les Mis actress spoke about her early career mistakes like not knowing red carpet fashion rules during the Mean Girls premiere during a February interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! She said that she was unaware that her outfit was see-through until she saw the photographs because the cameras’ flashbulbs made it so.

When asked why the film studio didn’t help manage “something to wear,” Seyfried answered, “I slipped through the cracks because I didn’t ever ask for anything, because I thought I was in the way, which is not the way I want to raise my daughter, for sure … But people liked me because I was easy.”

Seyfried has 2 daughters with her husband, Thomas Sadoski, who she married in March 2017. The family travels to Los Angeles only when necessary and resides on a farm in Hudson County, New York. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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