Lori Loughlin made a name for herself in her role on the hit show Full House. After doing time for her part in the college admissions scam, Lori Loughlin wants to move on with her life. Part of that involves travelling to Canada to film a movie.

Lori was sentenced to two years of probation. After spending just two months, the judge must give her permission before she departs the country. Legal documents obtained by TMZ state that Lori has been promised a part in the movie, but that it is conditional upon her receiving permission to travel.

She claimed that the project would last one week and would be shot in late September or early October. The judge gave her permission to travel. However, that only completes the clearance procedure.

Loughlin paid $500,000 in bribery to get her daughters, Olivia Jade Giannulli and Isabella Rose Giannulli, recruited for the crew team at the University of Southern California. Isabella and Olivia Jade had no prior knowledge of rowing or crew, but they received those spots. After initially entering a not guilty plea, Loughlin changed her plea due to the pandemic.

Canada is quite stringent about letting persons with criminal histories enter the country. Lori’s future is uncertain because other famous people, such as Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and The Game, have already been sent away. Although she doesn’t specify the project, Lori has been a regular on the Hallmark Channel. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates.

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